Saint Luke Hospital S.A.

Πανόραμα, 552 36
+30 231 038 0000

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Saint Luke Hospital S.A.
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This is the BEST Hospital, in my opinion, in all of northern Greece, if not all of Greece! Our son was born there and we have had multiple surgeries t-- Mike Petkof

A great place to be hospitalized (if you can describe it this way)🙈We have visited the place for orthopedic issues and later a very close family me-- Julia Konstanti

One of the best private hospitals in Greece. Excellent service.-- Victor van R

Probably the BEST Clinic in the City! But Expensive. You will find the Best Doctors. People come from far away to get here. But as I said, expensive.-- Christos

We used the midwifery facilities for our twins and overall we are happy. Sanitarywise the place is clean and well maintained. The personnel was very f-- Thanos